Event Reports

Event Report – Allison Cobb & Brenda Coultas

An audience of forty-five people attended the final NWS event of the 2006/07 academic year, an afternoon reading at the Soderberg “cube” by the poets Allison Cobb and Brenda Coultas.

For her twenty-minute set, Allison Cobb drew exclusively on materials from her new manuscript, a meditation on the history made manifest in The Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. Coultas likewise focused on a recent long work treating other-worldly themes, “A Lonely Cemetery,” forthcoming from Coffee House Press this fall. After the reading both poets took questions (and heard ghost stories) from the audience.

Archival record – A digital videotape recording was made of the event. In addition to the dv masters, vhs and dvd duplicates will be available shortly. An 8-bit mp3 recording of the reading was also made. Contact Steve Evans for more information about acquiring copies.

Allison Cobb reading from her work:

Brenda Coultas reading from her work:

Brenda Coultas, Allison Cobb, and Jennifer Coleman (l to r) visited Associate Professor Jennifer Moxley’s advanced creative writing workshop earlier in the afternoon:

Bonus features – In the summer of 2005, Cobb led UMaine Associate Professor Benjamin Friedlander through the Green-Wood Cemetary. His flickr set from that day can be viewed here.

The “Queering the Language” issue of the journal Eoagh features an excerpt from Cobb’s Green-Wood project, audible here.