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Some Tina Darragh Sound Files

Prior to giving her public reading in the NWS on Thursday, 25 January 2007, the poet Tina Darragh spent some time in Neville Hall talking about and reading from her work. Five tracks from that impromptu recording session are linked to below.

frommy hands to myself
from sputter plot – added 2/4/07
Ben Friedlander in New York City Dream
Charles North in Maine Dream
Collective Lament for Banishing Animals from History

Production notes: Recorded with a pretty good mic on a pretty cheap tape recorder, then digitized using Garageband and converted to mp3 with iTunes. More to come, time & technology permitting.
Tina Darragh’s Striking Resemblance + Microphone

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On Robert Kelly’s May Day

The poet Robert Kelly will read in the New Writing Series on Wednesday, 4 April, in an event co-sponsored by the Honors College’s Cultural Odyssey program. It so happens that today, two blogs converged in discussing Kelly’s recent book, May Day, published by the independent, Canadian-based press Parsifal. For John Latta’s remarks, click here. For Ron Silliman’s here.

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NWS Event Report – Tina Darragh

Poet & experimental playwright Tina Darragh read to an audience of fifty-seven people in the debut event of the spring New Writing Series on 25 January 2007. Darragh’s set included excerpts from my hands to myself (1975), on the corner to off the corner (1981), Pi in the Skye (1980), Striking Resemblance (1989), a[gain]st the odds (1989), and Opposable Dumbs. After the reading, Darragh entertained questions on a variety of topics related to her work.

Archival record. The event was documented on digital videotape (vhs and dvd dupes of which will be available shortly). An 8-bit mp3 recording was also made. Recording contents: Series introduction by Steve Evans. Poet introduction by Carla Billitteri. Poetry reading by Tina Darragh. Question and answer session.

Tina Darragh reading her work in the UMaine New Writing Series.


Spring Series Preview

The spring 2007 New Writing Series kicks off Thursday, 25 January, with a reading by the poet Tina Darragh. Here’s a sneak peak of the full schedule (some details pending, so be sure to check back).

25 January – Tina Darragh (poetry)
08 February – Jonathan Skinner & Annie Finch (poetry, ecopoetics) – 7:30PM, Soderberg
22 February – Grady Awards (fiction and poetry)
22 March – Steve Tomasula (fiction)
04 April – Robert Kelly (poetry, Honors College Cultural Odyssey) – 8PM, room TBA
12 April – Dani Leone (fiction) & Jonah Winter (poetry)
16 April – Rosanna Warren (poetry, Phi Beta Kappa) – 8PM, Soderberg
26 April – Allison Cobb & Brenda Coultas (poetry)

Except where otherwise noted, readings are on Thursday afternoons at 4:30PM in the Soderberg Auditorium, Jenness Hall, on the University of Maine campus in Orono. All events are free & open to the public.