Event Reports

Event Report – MA Thesis Readings

The New Writing Series was proud to host two events this spring that celebrated the work done by Master’s Candidates in Creative Writing as they neared completion of their theses in fiction and poetry.

On Tuesday, March 23, 2010, poet Rebecca S. Griffin read a baker’s dozen of poems from the thesis she defended in fall 2009, after which Michael T. Fournier read excerpts from his novella “Hidden Wheel.” Griffin was introduced by her advisor Jennifer Moxley, Fournier by his advisor David Kress.

A week later, on March 30, 2010, poets Amy Jirsa and Rachel Perry performed from their manuscripts, introduced by Jennifer Moxley. Each poet read for roughly twenty minutes (see set lists below).

Lively Q&A sessions followed each reading.

The events were recorded on digital videotape by Carey Haskell and as wav files on a Zoom H4n digital audio-recorder by Steve Evans.

Some photographs of the events can be found on the NWS Flickr page. For Griffin & Fournier click here; for Jirsa & Perry, here.


Set Lists — compiled by Jason Canniff in consultation with the authors

Rebecca Griffin

Spring Clever
New Way of Things
Goodbye Poem
Sometimes It’s Hard to Connect to the Language
Strange-Ass Abainined Trailer We Broke Into
Landing in Orono Maine
November Particulars
What’s Yellow About Kitchen?
Capsule Creation of Marienne Moore
Pushing at the Reel
Tapping from this Outside
Ayers Island
The Moment They Became Pictures

Michael T. Fournier, from “Hidden Wheel”

Max Caughin
Greek Chorus of Chess
Bernie Reese
Ben Wilfork

Amy Jirsa

To Love What is Easy
Old Valentines
Some Heartbeats
When a Bone is a Bone
Art of Influencing Events and Producing Marvels
Two Parts Oxygen
A Few Important Details
Birthday: A Retrospective
I Think Therefore
There Are No Instructions
Organic Afterlife
Papaver Somniferum
The Language of Ceremony

Rachel Perry

What It Once Was
After Centralia
The Accuracy of Silence
The Heron

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