Event Reports

Event Report – Grady Awards

Event Report

On March 19, 2009, the undergraduate and graduate winners of the Steve Grady Awards for Creative Writing (full bios here) read their original works to a packed Soderberg Auditorium for the fourth event of the Spring 2009 schedule. Steve Evans introduced the poets and Dave Kress introduced the fiction writers who together read for about an hour and a half.

Set List

Amber Kapiloff – “Pieces” (undergraduate fiction: honorable mention)

Katie Lattari – “I Break Leaves in Brittle Mornings”, “Reference” (undergraduate poetry: honorable mention)

Michael Fournier – “Dramatic Persuasion” (graduate fiction: honorable mention)

Rick LaPlante – “Magic”, “Double You”, “Petrified Forest”, “Let’s Tango At Night”, “Well-Wishers” (undergraduate poetry: second place)

Katie Lattari: “Origins and Interviews” (undergraduate fiction: second place)

Meghan Dowling – “Americana”, “Men at Work”, “Gone” (graduate poetry: second place)

Shaun Irland – “Breaking Everest” (graduate fiction: second place)

Dane Bolding – “Summer Rain”, “A Scent of Smoke”, “Leaves of Clouds”, “Almost the same as eating snow.”, “Presidents Pass the Time”, “Dakota”, “Out of State”, Haiku (untitled), Haiku (untitled), “Post Office Blues #22” (undergraduate poetry: first place)

Chris Tarbell – “The True Story of Peter Danvers” (undergraduate fiction: first place)

Alison Fraser – “When Paul Marries and I am His Groom”, “A Narrow Cavity for Him”, “If I Do or Don’t”, “On Both Sides”, “What Has Happened After 1947” (graduate poetry: first place)

Meghan Dowling – “ReadMe” (graduate fiction: first place)

The event was recorded on digital video tape by Carey Haskell.

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