Event Reports

Event Report – Kenneth Goldsmith

Kenneth Goldsmith read to an audience of 45 people in the UMaine New Writing Series on February 19, 2009. Goldsmith opened his set with an homage to Maine artist and poet Bern Porter before excerpting widely from his own works. A question and answer session with the audience followed.

For more photographs, visit the NWS Flickr page here. An mp3 recording was made using an Audio-technical condenser Lo-Z AT835b microphone attached to a Marantz PMD660 Portable Solid State Recorder. The event was recorded on digital video tape by Carey Haskell.

SET LIST – compiled by Stephanie Schaffner

1. The Last Acts of St. Fuck You by Bern Porter
2. Excerpt from The Weather
3. Excerpt from Sports
4. Excerpt from Traffic
5. Excerpt from “Poem for Larry Craig”
6. Excerpt from An Attack – NYC on 9/11 (title approximate)
7. Excerpts from Head Citations

This event was co-sponsored by the UMaine Intermedia Visiting Artist Program, with generous support from the Lloyd H. Elliott Fund and the Distinguished Lecture/Cultural Affairs Committee.

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