Event Reports

Event Report – Magdalena Zurawski & CA Conrad

On January 30, 2009, fiction writer Magdalena Zurawski and poet CA Conrad read to an audience of about 35 people in Soderberg Auditorium for the second event of the Spring 2009 schedule. Steve Evans introduced the writers, who each read for about 25 minutes. Conrad read from The Book of Frank and Soma(tic) Midge. Zurawski read excerpts from her book The Bruise. Afterward, Zurawski and Conrad took questions from the audience.

For more photographs, visit the NWS Flickr page here. An mp3 recording was made using an Audio-technical condenser Lo-Z AT835b microphone attached to a Marantz PMD660 Portable Solid State Recorder. The event was also recorded on digital video tape.

SET LIST – compiled by Katie Lattari

Introduction by Steve Evans

CA Conrad

by Bernadette Mayer

by Susie Timmons
“A Ghostly Shark”

Selections from the project “Rothko7”

Selections from Soma(tic) Midge

Selections from The Book of Frank

Magdalena Zurawski

Selections from The Bruise

1) The Bridge

2) A Splinter in the Belly

3) The Wool Coat

4) The Bruise


1) (for Conrad) How did people at the Museum of Art in Philly respond to you coming to the museum to look at the painting [for the “Rothko7” project] through binoculars?
2) (for Conrad) Can you give a little background on the Philadelphia sound poets?
3) (for Conrad) What other experiments [like the “Soma(tics) experiment] do you do to help fuel your poetry writing?
4) (for Conrad and Zurawski) Do you feel heavily influenced by other writers?
5) (for Conrad) Do you visit the Modern Museum in Philadelphia?
6) (for Conrad) What influences do various mythologies have on your work?
7) (for Zurawski) I noticed that repetition came up in your work; was that a conscious decision?

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