Event Reports

Event Report – Richard Deming & Nancy Kuhl

EVENT REPORT On December 5, 2008, American poets Nancy Kuhl and Richard Deming read to an audience of about 50 people in Soderberg Auditorium for the seventh and final event of the Fall 2008 schedule. Steve Evans introduced the poets, who each read for about twenty minutes. Kuhl opened up the event and read from her book The Wife of the Left Hand, her chapbook The Nocturnal Factory, as well as from some new material. Deming followed and read from his manuscript “Day for Night,” and from his book Let’s Not Call it Consequence. Afterward, both Kuhl and Deming fielded questions from audience members.

Click images below to enlarge. For more images, visit the NWS flickr page.



from The Wife of the Left Hand (Shearsman)
1) The Wife of the Left Hand (1)
2) Wedding Party
3) The Affair of the Fire Eaters
4) Apology for New Wives
5) The Wife of the Left Hand (2)

from The Nocturnal Factory (Ugly Duckling)
6) On Hearing Voices
7) The Nocturnal Factory
8] The Truth About the Dead
9) Catalogue and Lexicon
10) Charms Against the Ghost
from new material
11) Holograph
12) Fray
13) Ring
14) Archival Footage # 32 : Subjects Unidentified


from “Day for Night” (ms.) and Let’s Not Call it Consequence (Shearsman 2008)
1) Speak at This
2) A Fragment of Anything You Like
3) Some Kinds of Love are Mistaken for Vision
4) You Said It
5) Poem Beginning with a Line From Swamp Thing
6) By the Time You Read This
7) This Rift
8] The Last of New England
9) Film Thread
10) Annus Mirabilis
11) Shall I Read From the Battle of Thermopylae
12) In Case of Emergency


1) [for Deming] With a poem about a horror film, is the point to invoke the horror? To work through the horror?
2) [for Deming] Why did you choose to use the prose poetry form for “Film Thread”?
3) [for Kuhl] Has working with old archival material in your job affected your own writing?
4) [for both] Do you read your poems as you hear them as you’re writing them?

DOCUMENTATION An mp3 recording was made using an Audio-technical condenser Lo-Z AT835b microphone attached to a Marantz PMD660 Portable Solid State Recorder. The event was also recorded on digital video tape.

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