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Tom Raworth Event Report & Set List

Event Report In the fourth event of the Fall 2008 season, poet Tom Raworth read to an audience of approximately 50 people in the Hill Auditorium on October 16, 2008. Steve Evans introduced the half-hour long reading, after which Raworth fielded questions and talked to audience members one-on-one.

Documentation An mp3 recording was made using an Audio-technical condenser Lo-Z AT835b microphone attached to a Marantz PMD660 Portable Solid State Recorder. The event was also recorded on digital video tape. Click images below to enlarge. For the full photoset, visit our flickr page here.

Set List compiled by Katie Lattari

Introduction by Steve Evans
Poetry reading by Tom Raworth
1. Three
2. The Blown Agent
3. Ah, the poetry of Miss Parrot’s feet demonstrating the tango
4. Metaphysics of Magicians
5. King of the Snow
6. Just Another Whistle Stop
7. No Peace, Black Holes, Earth Cracks
8. Dormitory Life (opens an mp3 of the poem)
9. Shadows
10. No Hard Feelings
11. Follow the Food
12. Intellectual Compost 4
13. Coal Grass Blood Night Emerald
14. You Can’t Get Out
15. Going Away Poem for Lee Harwood
16. Georgia on My Mind
17. Caller
18. Mechanical Gardens
19. Viagara
20. Pelf, Pelf
21. Icequakes
22. Data Death: Zerone
23. Rivers of Bling
24. Once and For All
25. Creaking Candle
26. Shuck
27. Seething with Adventure
28. Chips
29. Birthday Poem (with Florence Wylde Raworth)
30. From Mountains and Gardens
31. Capture of Karadzic
32. You Need It, We Rent It
33. University Days

1) Can you talk about the tempo/ velocity of your reading? Can you talk about the fact that you don’t introduce your poems?
2) Do you compose your poems as quickly as you read them?
3) Did your earlier style differ from your current style?
4) How long ago did you write “University Days”?
5) When did you come out with your first book?
6) When you write a poem, do you have a clear goal at the start?
7) How do you title your poems?

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