Event Reports

Tom Pickard Event Report

Poet Tom Pickard read to an audience of more than 175 people in Minsky Recital Hall for the third event of the Fall 2008 New Writing Series on October 8, 2008. Steve Evans introduced the event, which was cosponsored by the New Writing Series and the Honors College. In his nearly hour-long set, Pickard read from several of his books, including The Dark Days of May and his newly published The Ballad of Jamie Allan. After the reading, Pickard took questions one-on-one and sold and signed copies of The Ballad of Jamie Allan to fans.


Documentation An  mp3 recording was made using an Audio-technical condenser Lo-Z AT835b microphone attached to a Marantz PMD660 Portable Solid State Recorder. The event was also recorded on digital video tape. Click images below to enlarge. For the full photoset, visit our flickr page here.


Set List compiled by Katie Lattari

Introduction by Steve Evans
Reading by Tom Pickard

The Whole Sweep of the Day (link opens mp3)
“Found Object”
“Queen’s Message”
“Waiting Behind the City Crematorium”
“Making of a Gothic Moment”
Strung Out on Hangingshaw” (link opens YouTube clip)
“Prelude in Blue”
coda from “Dark Months of May”
“The Real Tom Pickard”
“Your Recent Chill”
“Strange Phenomenon on Fiend’s Fell”
“Bob’s Blues”
“Ancient Stone Dressed with Lichen”
“Denial is a River in Egypt”
“Self Abstracting Poem”

From The Ballad of Jamie Allan
“The Charm”
“John Bell, his information…”
“Below the ridge below the wind-inscribed stone…”

“First of May”

From The Ballad of Jamie Allan
“John Clark, his information…”
“Excerpt from a Walter Scott letter…”
“A Low Sky”
“Clouds drag shadows…”

“Hidden Agenda”

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