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Mel Nichols – Six Tracks

A few hours before her public reading on 14 February, poet Mel Nichols recorded a short set at the home of Steve Evans and Jennifer Moxley. Here are a half-dozen tracks from that session, recorded at the dining room table on a pretty good microphone attached to a pretty cheap tape player, then digitized using Garageband, iTunes, and Audacity.

Voice Over (0:39)

Day Poem: I kiss you, city… (0:40)

Day Poem: Earth breathing fireworks…. (1:07)

Sur le neige (0:39)

Notes from the Forest (2:30)

Poet Mel Nichols in Maine (photo by Benjamin Friedlander)

Mel Nichols in Maine (Rod Smith in background, photograph by Benjamin Friedlander)

2 thoughts on “Mel Nichols – Six Tracks

  1. Is this person related to bp Nichols?
    Will you have more recordings on your blog?
    I hope so.

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