Event Reports

Event Report – Mel Nichols & Rod Smith (Setlist)

NWS Assistant Katie Lattari compiled the following setlist for Mel Nichols and Rod Smith’s reading on 14 February 2008 (see event report with photos here). The event was recorded on digital video tape and will be available in dvd and vhs formats shortly. A lo-fi (8-bit) audio recording was made, as was an archival quality audio recording (thanks to Rebecca Griffin).

Mel Nichols

Most selections from Day Poems

1) Voice Over

2) Stability of Error

3) Day Poem

4) The Second Line

5) Notes From the Forest

A mix of selections from “Hottest New Ringtones, mnichol6”, and some Flarf poems

6) Creatures

7) Snow Tea

8 Day Poem

9) Things to do With Your Dremel

10) Easy Living with the Sectional

11) Other People’s Other People’s Dreams

Various fragments from various works

12) “I Meant to Get to Know More Superheroes Last Year”

13) James Joyce Gone Wild

14) Pope My Ride

15) Here We Are Again, Monday

16) “You May Already Be a Winner”

17) “It’s Real Bacon, Not That Crap in a Jar”

18) The Oldest Meteorites

A mix of selections

19) Ben Franklin’s Man-Boobs

20) Sur La Neige

21) Day Poem

22) Day Poem

23) Stop at 4:50


Rod Smith

1) Cocoa Butter

2) Mes Wittl Birdy Bong Stowy

3) Canto 97

Various fragments from SNIPS (After Steve Lacy) [titles approximate]

-) “I Bought Some Grapes I Bought”

-) “Poultice”

-) “You’re Letting That Great Smelling Guy Get Away”

-) “I Dreamt That I Was Bridgette Bardeaux and I Kissed Me”

-) “Your Search”

-) “Excuse Me Officer I Thought You were A Shape-Shifting Rat”

-) “Crayola”

-) Identity is the Cause of Warts

-) Police Said

-) The Spider Poems [excerpt]


Audience Questions/ Comments

1) What’s it like reading together on Valentine’s Day?
2) How do you connect images in your poetry?
3) How important is the performative aspect of your poetry?
4) How do you name your poems?
5) How do you position yourself between “Flarf” and “regular” poetry?

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