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Event Report – Joanne Kyger

More than a hundred people crowded into the Soderberg Auditorium to hear Joanne Kyger read from About Now: Collected Poems, published this fall by the National Poetry Foundation. Kyger read poems from every decade of her long career, beginning in the 1950s and ending in the present, and entertained questions from the audience. A full set-list is forthcoming. A digital-video recording was made of the event: VHS and DVD duplicates will be available in the UMaine English Department shortly.

You can read Benjamin Friedlander’s introduction here. And see other photos of Joanne Kyger on his Flickr page.

An excerpt from Kyger’s 2000 reading in the NWS can be heard here.

Photo Album

A gratifying number of copies of About Now sold, and two were given away after the reading. Here, people mill about the book table before the event
Milling around the book table at Joanne Kyger’s reading

The “cube” was at capacity by the time the poet took the podium
Capacity audience for Joanne Kyger’s reading

Kyger kindly signed copies of the new book for audience members
Poet Joanne Kyger signing her new book

The poet chats with one of the two students who won free copies of About Now (their names drawn from the hat of another legendary poet and editor, James Koller)
Joanne Kyger with student who won free copy of About Now

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