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Ron Padgett Reading Report

The poet Ron Padgett read before a capacity (and then some) audience of more than a hundred people on Wednesday, September 12, at 8pm in Neville Hall 100. The event was co-sponsored by the New Writing Series and the UMaine Honors College.

Padgett read exclusively from his just-published volume How to Be Perfect. A complete set-list can be found below.

While a mix-up prevented the event from being videotaped, an 8-bit mp3 file of the reading is available by request.

Ron Padgett Reading from How to Be PerfectRon Padgett responding to question from audienceAudience for Ron Padgett Reading

00 00 pre-event chatter
00 40 Introduction by Steve Evans
04 30 Opening remarks by Ron Padgett
06 05 Mortal Combat
07 00 Toothbrush
07 50 Rialto
08 50 Now at the Sahara
10 37 Sitting down somewhere else
11 30 Gothic Red
12 45 Method
23 00 Dead or Alive in Belgium
24 32 Hound Dog
26 40 Why God Did What He Did
27 50 Rem. on preceding poem
28 58 Bed
29 50 Slight Foxing
35 00 Hercules
35 50 Rem. on Greek gods and mythology
36 30 Bastille Day
37 50 The Absolutely Huge and Incredible Injustice in the World
54 05 applause
55 08 Q: What is the point of writing poems, especially poems like yours?
56 21 Q: How do you define what a poem is?
58 22 Q: How does being a translator alter your relation to your own language? And why did you choose to translate Apollinaire?
03 00 Q: What is the most frustrating thing about being a poet?
04 45 Q: How did you develop the courage to write whatever you wished?

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