Event Reports

Event Report – Jonah Winter and L.E. Leone

Approximately fifty-five people attended a mixed-genre reading by poet and children’s book author Jonah Winter and fiction writer and regular SF Bay Guardian columnist L.E. Leone on Thursday afternoon, 12 April 2007.

Winter opened his set with “The House of Poetry,” then read several sestinas from his collection Maine, a new chapbook called Book Reports, a parodic sestina called “Estuaries Bequeathed,” and a sequence of poems based on lesbian pulp novels.

Leone began her set with the short story “The House and the Homeowner.” She then performed a country song (possibly called “Place Holder”), read “The Kitchen Sink,” and closed with the story “Hope.”

Masters candidate Ryan Weibush introduced Jonah Winter on behalf of the English Graduate Students Association. Assistant Professor David Kress introduced L.E. (Dani) Leone on behalf of the New Writing Series. A lively and long question and answer session followed the reading.

Archival record. A digital videotape recording was made of the event. In addition to the dv masters, vhs and dvd duplicates will be available shortly. An 8-bit mp3 recording of the reading was also made. Contact Steve Evans for more information about acquiring copies.

Jonah Winter

L.E. Leone sings

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