Up Next – L.E. Leone (Fiction) & Jonah Winter (Poetry)

On Thursday, 12 April, the New Writing Series will be teaming up with EGSA, the English Graduate Student Association at the University of Maine, to welcome fiction writer L.E. Leone and poet Jonah Winter for an afternoon reading (4:30pm) at the Soderberg Center auditorium. Back in the day, Winter and Leone were in the band Ed’s Redeeming Qualities together. This will be their first time reading together at UMaine.

L.E. Leone is the author of The Meaning of Lunch (Mammoth, 2000), a collection of short stories, and of Eat This, San Francisco: A Narrated Road Map to Dives, Joints, All-Night Cafes, Noodle Houses, Buffets, and Other Cheap Places to Eat in the Bay Area (Sasquatch Books, 1999). Leone writes the Cheap Eats column for the SF Bay Guardian. Read an interview with Leone here. More about Leone via Mercury House.

Jonah Winter is the author of Maine and Amnesia. He also has two chapbooks out with Octopus Books, The Continuing Misadventures of Andrew, The Headless Talking Bear and Book Reports. He has poems forthcoming in The Paris Review and has also appeared in Field, Chicago Review, Macsweeney’s Internet Tendencies, and many other venues. Check out a sample of his work at Mipoesias and Octopus. Winter’s visit is sponsored by the English Graduate Student Association of the Universityof MaineL.E. Leone (middle)Jonah Winter

Photo credit for Jonah Winter (shown on right), Sheana Director. See original photo on Flickr here.

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