Event Reports

Event Report – Steve Tomasula

An audience of forty-five students, faculty, and members of the local community turned out to hear Steve Tomasula read “The Color of Flesh,” a short story that takes up and further explores themes from his earlier novels The Book of Portraiture and In & Oz. After the reading, Tomasula fielded questions about his sources of inspiration, his relationship to the tradition of psychological realism, his collaborations with visual artists, the emotional undercurrents in experimental writing, the aesthetics of prosthetic limbs, anime and manga, the once solitary pursuit of novel writing, and other topics. After two busy days in Orono, Tomasula headed down to New York City for a reading Friday night at the KGB Bar.

Archival record. A digital videotape recording was made of the event. In addition to the dv masters, vhs and dvd duplicates will be available shortly. An 8-bit mp3 recording of the reading was also made. Contact Steve Evans for more information about acquiring copies.

Read Erin Frauenhofer’s review of The Book of Portraiture at PopMatters.

A row of well-thumbed copies of The Book of Portraiture could be spotted before the reading:
The Book of Portraiture by Steve Tomasula

Dave Kress elbowed aside a galoot to make a great introduction:
Novelist Dave Kress

Steve Tomasula smiling at the podium:
Steve Tomasula reading in the Soderberg Auditorium

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