Event Reports

Event Report – Grady Awards Reading

A capacity audience was on hand to hear the seven writers recognized with Steve Grady Awards for Creative Writing read from their works on 22 February 2007. Author statements for each of the participants can be read here. Below are a few amateur snapshots that capture something of the flavor of the event. If you attended, and want to share your impressions, please feel free to comment!

Archival record. A digital videotape recording was made of the event. In addition to the dv masters, vhs and dvd duplicates will be available shortly. An 8-bit mp3 recording of the reading was also made. Contact Steve Evans for more information about acquiring copies.

The readers before the event (from l to r): Nicholas Mohlmann, Jason DiGioia, Ashlyn Giles, Megan Arsenault, Polaris Garfield, Ryan Weibush, and Kiera Seekins.

Steve Grady Awards Spring 2007 Group Shot

Megan Arsenault

Grady Award Winner Megan Arsenault

Jason DiGioia

Grady Award Winner Jason DiGioia

Polaris Garfield

Grady Award Winner Polaris Garfield

Ashlyn Giles

Grady Award Winner Ashyln Giles

Nicholas Mohlmann

Grady Award Winner Nicholas Mohlmann

Kiera Seekins

Grady Award Winner Kiera Seekins

Ryan Weibush

Grady Award Winner Ryan Weibush

Questions from the audience

Grady Award Reading Question & Answer (audience view)

The writers field questions

Grady Awards 2007 Writers Field Questions

Heading home after a great event

Grady Awards 2007 Reading - Heading Home

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