NWS Event Report – Celebrating Backwoods Broadsides

On Thursday, 30 November 2006, a capacity audience of seventy people attended a celebration of the Backwoods Broadsides Chaplet Series, published by Sylvester Pollet between 1994 and 2006. Pollet gave an informal history of the broadsides project before reading his “Dandelion Sutras” and “First Will and Testament.” He was followed by series contributors Tony Brinkley, Kathleen Ellis, Benjamin Friedlander, and Jennifer Moxley. After several more remarks by Pollet, including a tribute to Constance Hunting, the poet Theodore Enslin read from his contribution to the chaplet series, “Mad Songs.” A ranging conversation followed. Archival materials: A digital video recording of the event was made (VHS and DVD duplicates available upon request), as was an mp3 file.

Sylvester Pollet

One thought on “NWS Event Report – Celebrating Backwoods Broadsides

  1. I am very interested in seeing the Backwoods Broadsides recording.

    Could you email me the details please of how I can get hold of it? I am in the UK, which means that video is different here and DVD! What about the mp3 file?

    Thanks for the time, John

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