Upper Limit Music – Poetry on the Radio

Upper Limit Music is a new poetry radio show hosted by Steve Evans on WMEB (91.9FM in Orono & environs, and on the web here). On Thursday afternoons from 1-3pm the show will explore the sonic landscape of modern and contemporary poetry, mixing live recordings (many from past New Writing Series events) with studio and archival tracks, hosting local and visiting poets when possible, and perhaps even playing a song or two. Playlists for the first two shows can be found here and here. For more poetry audio on the web, check out PennSound and these other fine sites. Update The show is now on hiatus.

Upper Limit Music Playlist

2 thoughts on “Upper Limit Music – Poetry on the Radio

  1. Is there any way we can get mp3 files of the radio show, or perhaps have an audio archive accessible from the web? I am eager to hear the show, but like most college students I’m rarely available for two hours every Thursday to listen to it.

    On a side note, this website is amazing. I can’t believe how much work must go into maintaining it, kudos to the english department!

  2. Thanks for the kind words about the website, Anna. It’s really nice to know that it looks good on your end!

    I’m sorry to say that, so far at least, no provision exists for archiving the radio show, but I will look into what it would take to do so & report back when I know more.

    Given all the little on-air mistakes I’ve made in the first four shows, it’s probably just as well that my “learning curve” isn’t archived for all time!


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