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Rosmarie Waldrop Trilogy Now Available

New Directions has announced the publication of Curves to the Apple, which collects for the first time in a single volume Rosmarie Waldrop‘s trilogy Reproduction of Profiles (1987), Lawn of Exclude Middle (1993), and Reluctant Gravities (1999). Waldrop read in the NWS in the fall of 2003 and is the subject of an NWS Poet Profile film.

2 thoughts on “Rosmarie Waldrop Trilogy Now Available

  1. This site layout is lovely–while that pen in the upper right hand corner means serious business. Nice.

  2. Thanks for the generous feedback, Angela.

    The design credit goes to Hadley Wickham, who created this theme, called “Rubric,” for WordPress.

    A gorgeous day, ripe for the wasting!


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