About the NWS

Since it began in the fall of 1999, the UMaine New Writing Series has hosted more than two hundred literary readings at the University of Maine’s flagship campus in Orono.

Conceived as an instrument for investigating the whole spectrum of possibilities for contemporary work in poetry, prose, translation, and the new media, the NWS puts an emphasis on innovative, adventurous, and/or unduly neglected writing.

The NWS is cosponsored by the English Department of the University of Maine and the National Poetry Foundation with support from the Lloyd H. Elliott Fund, the Milton Ellis Memorial Fund, the Humanities Initiative, the Honors College, and grants from the Cultural Affairs / Distinguished Lecture Series Committee.

A list of all NWS events to date can be viewed here. A descriptive catalog of archival materials associated with previous NWS events is under construction here. Our flickr page is here. You can join our Facebook groups here (local) and here (global). You can view videoclips from the NWS on the National Poetry Foundation’s YouTube channel. We also archive selected audio tracks on iTunes U.